Nature en Kit

Nature en Kit


The exhibition takes the form of a dialogue between the natural and the artificial and occupies the entire 400 square metres of the museum set aside for temporary exhibitions. This deliberately binary approach, given the complexity of such a subject, infuses the two major sections of the exhibition: “Nature and its double” takes up the first-floor premises while “Green floor” occupies the ground-floor galleries. The apparent confrontation allows for a continuous coming and going between imitation and original, pretence and authenticity, still-life and organic life; the demarcation line remains deliberately porous, reminding the visitor of possible interactions as well as doubts. Thus other groupings are incorporated in order to cloud the issues of this NATURE IN A KIT with hybrid contents and fluid meanings.

24.06.2009 – 27.09.2009

mudac – Lausanne
Pl. Cathédrale 6
CH – 1005 Lausanne

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